What are Beta Readers and how can I be one?

What are Beta Readers and how can I be one?

What are beta readers?

Beta readers are test readers for an unfinished writing, who gives feedback to the author from the point of view of an average reader. They can give their advise and opinions which part of the book they feel sad, angry, bored, as well as which characters they like.

This is so that the author is able to have a feel of how readers will react to the story and make amendments so as to make the story to have a better flow and change parts which are boring to the beta readers.

Are beta readers paid and how can I be one?

Most beta readers are not paid for their service. There are some sites like Fiverr where you can get paid for beta reading but it is hard to get a gig unless you are a experienced beta reader with lots of good reviews. If not, expect to wait at least 4 months before you get a beta reading gig on Fiverr.

Most beta readers are friends and family with the author themselves. However, some authors do let

a few of their loyal fans to beta read for them, so it is good to join book communities to have a chance to beta read.

You can also join beta reading communities in Goodreads where you can promote yourself as a beta reader or simply find a author looking for a beta reader and contact them.

What do I do as a beta reader?

You might think that beta reading sounds interesting, but keep in mind that the writings that you will be reading might still be in a flimsy form with errors occurring in various places. Do not be a beta reader just because you want to read a free book, but rather, be one because you are really interested in the book’s content and have a drive to make the story better.

As a beta reader, while reading the book, it is good to think of these questions:

Is the tone of the book appropriate?
What do I feel when reading the book?
Which part of the book feels unnecessary and boring?
Which part of the book grabs your attention?
What questions do you have when reading the book?

Upon finishing reading the book, you will have to write a report about your feedback and opinions and send it to the author.

If you are thinking of becoming a beta reader, it is most probably because you want to receive a free book to read (I know the truth). Another alternative to getting a free book to read and review is by getting an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC). You can read my post on how to get an ARC below: